Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Check the legality of your images!

All I can say is if you have a website check with your web designer that your images are all regsistered. There are certain large stock photo owners who are on the look out for small businesses who unknowingly have unregistered images. Check them and if they arent registered delete them.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Time Consuming Design

Having recently finished my Adobe Indesign qualification, I have been practising a lot on designs and I have designed flyers etc for a number of clients.  The whole process takes time and you can see why designers charge £50 an hour!

At my early stage of design knowledge I am offering free design on business cards and single or double sided flyers (A5, A6 or A4) obviously on print order :)

BPM-UK the print and design company at your service!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

BPM-UK Getting Busier

Things have been tough but I have been active in finding print for BPM-UK.  Visiting the industrial estates, setting up meetings and ultimately printing for them.  I have been lucky enough to have orders for leaflets, business cards, posters and letterheads.



The Search for Greener Printers

As the way we buy etc has changed I have noticed a lot of former "eco friendly printers" have disappeared.  Maybe this is due to the lack of interest and the cost of materials.  I believe there is a need and a niche out there for this form of printing and BPM-UK has a number of suppliers who can provide eco-friendly printing on all forms of stationery and large format graphics.

I believe that the environment is still the most important factor and given the amount of printing waste, I can see an upturn in the market for all things green in 2009.